Departmental cut off was released today 4-4-2021  by the school authority and it was conveyed to you all by different means.. in which some already know their fate... 

So, the DEPARTMENTAL cutoff was divided into 2 classes

Class 1 merit cutoff.. who are those that will be on merit cutoff? merit cutoff are those aspirants that will be admitted base on their screening score meeting the merit cut-off which means they will be admitted first..their names will be on the first RELEASED list because they're qualified in all criteria requested fo them.  So they will be on the list firstly...mainly base on their mark

Catchment cutoff- this catchment is used for geopolitical zone where the university is located the catchment areas is determined by the school herself not only the geopolitical zone.. a school can decide to make the town the university or polythenic is located their catchment area.. so LAUTECH CATCHMENT AREA IS OYO STATE AT LARGE AND HER LOCAL GOVERNMENTS.... So anyone that couldn't meet up with the merit cut-off but still meet up with catchment cut-off too will be on the merit list.. 

For instance Okafor is an aspirant of Medicine and he had 82% in his screening Results though he is from Ebonyi but because he met the merit cut-off he is automatically qualified because of his high score

Now let's consider Akanmu he is from Oyo state Ibadan to be precised; he is an aspirant of MEDICINE and he had 78% in his post UTME screening results... According to merit cut- off he didn't meet upto cutoff Which is 80% but because he is from Ibadan in which Oyo state is Lautech catchment area.. so because he is from Oyo state and he had 78% instead of 80% he is still qualified why? Because catchment area cutoff is 77% for medicine and surgery. So he too will be on merit list with people

that meet merit cutoff...

So sir.. what's the fate of we that didn't meet upto cut off in both catchment and merit cut-off, sir are we going to be considered?

Yes, you will be considered, you will be admitted with an alternative course as pleasing by the school... After this is when the school will now open portal for you to change your course... Sir when will that be? I don't know yet actually.

When will the Admission list be out ?

Answer; this week hopefully by Friday. Your Admission list is what implicated your cut off .. I mean the Admission list is ready that's where they drew out cut-off.

 Is there no MLS In this year Admission? Yes there is MLS is also known as Biomedical sciences with cut of 70.5%

 What about we that are having issues with pending O level and neco Students with pending Chemistry and commerce

Answer: the Portal will be reopened and you guys will be able to upload your o Level and you will complete your Admission process

Sir, can I change my course now before the Admission answer; No

 How about the D.E Applicants sir no cut off for us? Yes you don't need cutoff the school will communicate you when it's time for your Oral interview

 With this I believe you have shed light to some dark shadows around the cutoff. This write up  was developed by LAUTECH REPORTER A STUDENT OF PURE AND APPLIED CHEMISTRY 400L.

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